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List Building 101 ~ Dating or Marriage?

I liked this so much I had to repost it, so here it is:

You’ve convinced me that I want to sign up for your newsletter. Now that I’m ready, what do I do? I go to the signup box on the current web page and complete the form. But wait… what are you asking for? If you’re asking for more than my name and email address, I will hesitate.

Butterfly Marketing Free Report

Butterfly Marketing is one of the greatest website marketing scripts available in the world today. To build a website is easy, to make a success of your website is not so easy.

In January 2006 Mike Filsaime Launched what was to be one of the greatest website scripts every released in the marketing world. There was a massive buzz about Butterfly Marketing

How To Tweet on Twitter

This is a follow up to the Get Started on Twitter post I did a while back. On the Twitter home page, it asks What You Are Doing. Quite frankly many people don’t really care until you have built a relationship with them as a result of following. No one really wants to hear things like.. “I just woke up. “I just fed my dog “I’m taking a shower .. You get the idea

Blog Directories, Submission Sites, RSS Feeds Pinging

Is your blog collecting dust and not getting enough traffic?

Sometimes, search engine spiders don’t visit your site even after it has been up for a month or two. When you are trying to get your blog seen by lots of people, for what ever the reason, getting traffic to your blog is everything.