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Butterfly Marketing Software is Now Officially Free With PLR and Open Source Code

This is an important and historic day for Internet Marketing.

Starting today, April 14, 2010 Mike Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing Software is publicly available free in it’s open source version.

Butterfly Marketing is one of the greatest website marketing scripts available in the world today. To build a website is easy, to make a million dollar success of your website is not so easy.

In January 2006 Mike Filsaime Launched what was to be one of the greatest website scripts every released to the Internet Marketing world. There was a massive buzz about Butterfly Marketing which sold at $1997.


butterflyButterfly Marketing was developed with the ability to provide a free item on the front end, the ability to collect email addresses and each member becoming an automatic affiliate, in turn who could promote your Butterfly Marketing website by the simply click of a button or by using any affiliate tools provided inside the members area. Then came the up sell of the One Time Offer (OTO) which was usually a collection of massive gifts and videos which was completely irresistible. The marketing world was astonished by the power of this script and guys were paying top dollar for it.

Give Your Business A Boost With Social Marketing

When good things come along, Internet Marketers take notice.

Several years ago, the Internet saw a big change with the beginning of  social networks. Social networking took off like wild fire and quickly became mainstream for day to day social interaction. With the uprising of  newer interactive sites, along with the demise of the more scammy types of sites, social networking has become one of the most powerful ways of getting traffic and leads for your business. The main aim is to drive traffic to your website and letting people know of your services and ultimately getting them sold.

Social networking can help in more than one ways to get more clients and help your business grow.

horsestampedeWhether you own your own products or you are an affiliate marketer, there’s no denying that getting targeted traffic is probably one of the hardest aspects of online marketing. See Pinterest Traffic.

Without targeted traffic, you don’t have a business. With it, you can make money in almost any market. In fact, when you reach a point of having 1000 or so visitors hit your website everyday, you can still make a six-figure income – even with a crappy looking website and an “average” product.

Whether your a business owner or an affiliate marketer, social marketing can give your marketing efforts a big boost. These social networks are online communities that cater to users by using a social atmosphere.  In these social atmospheres are places where people gather to communicate  and learn about things that they have in common. It gives them the capability to interact with people, like them, from all over the globe.  Because of the way these networks develop, it often presents some great marketing opportunities.

There are some things that social marketing can do for you. The most obvious is that it gives you a larger market if interested and potential customers.