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Hot Linkers Suck Are Your Links Being HiJacked?

Yes! Hot linkers suck. They copy your links to your download pages, zip files and eBooks and give them away as a courtesy to their visitors. One of my oldest domains had been dedicated to giveaway information and download-able files, software, zip files, eBooks and the like for many years now. And it has been a hot bed for hot linking thieves.

Hot linking is when a domain owner offers free or paid products but doesn’t host the aucual files themselves. To save web space or time and energy they link directly to your download page or directly to the zip files on your site. It saves them a purchase and makes them look cool to be offering all these free downloads.

There are others out there that like to share your download page or zip files with their buddies. There are special forums and member sites online created  just to share and pass links to other peoples products, especially paid products. They share log-ins and passwords also.