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Work At Home Mom Scam Hits Facebook

I wish affiliates would look into these so called get rich overnight CPA offers a little closer. This morning after logging onto FaceBook I found a link to one of these Work At Home Scams – Mom Makes $8,795 Month Part-Time.  I knew what it was the moment I saw the spam comment.  I looked for the person who had posted the ‘comment’ but couldn’t find it again. If someone can find this information please let me know.

This is the same sort of Work At Home Google Scam that hit the online advertising space last year. 

Blog Post May 25th 2009 Is Working Online At Home A Goldrush Scam?

Here is the link to the newest fake news site advertised by a facebook user, you will have to copy and paste since I am not given this website the courtesy of any link juice.

How to Install a WordPress Blog With cPanel

Installing blogs via cPanel is the quickest simplest way to get your own blog up and going fast. It’s best to use a hosting site like Hostgator that comes with cPanel and Fantastico installed. With Hostgator, you can always instal the latest version of WordPress.

Simple 4 step install:

Log into your cPanel Click on Fantasticos