Work At Home Mom Scam Hits Facebook

I wish affiliates would look into these so called get rich overnight CPA offers a little closer. This morning after logging onto FaceBook I found a link to one of these Work At Home Scams – Mom Makes $8,795 Month Part-Time.  I knew what it was the moment I saw the spam comment.  I looked for the person who had posted the ‘comment’ but couldn’t find it again. If someone can find this information please let me know.

This is the same sort of Work At Home Google Scam that hit the online advertising space last year. 

Blog Post May 25th 2009 Is Working Online At Home A Goldrush Scam?

Here is the link to the newest fake news site advertised by a facebook user, you will have to copy and paste since I am not given this website the courtesy of any link juice.

I thought OMG now it’s on FaceBook scamming people. Do you realize how many average, normal, don’t live on my computer people log in to FB every single day? How many of these people are looking for a little extra income? Especially now that Christmas is just a few months away? UGHHHH I hate scammers. It’s not just the scammers but also the affiliates that promote things like this.

There have been so many people side swiped by this so called Work At Home Business.  A personal friend of mine works in the Debit/Credit card section of a bank. Last year when the Work At Home Online Goldrush scam came out I called her and she told me about  the countless number of calls she had received because of this. See, once you purchase this $1.95 or $2.95 CD or information you are agreeing to authorizing your CC for future payments.

With this submission, I have agreed to order the Direct Commerce Academy System Trial Membership for the one-time electronic shipping and handling fee of $2.97.  By participating in the trial offer, I recognize it will expire after five days, and should I fail to cancel, I agree to be billed a one-time activation fee of one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents, in addition to a monthly fee of thirty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents for the duration of my membership.

The Terms and Conditions of Direct Commerce Academy is below

Terms and Termination of Direct Commerce Academy Offer
By purchasing this product you agree to the terms outlined here regarding services, billing, refund for delivery of said product and subscription.  Additionally, any trials that may or may not be offered with this product are only during the said allotted time of the trial period, which in this case is five days.  If you have not cancelled within the trial period, then you agree to pay the activation fee of $139.95 and a monthly reoccurring cost of $39.99 per month for the duration of your membership to the training course.  You may cancel at any time by contacting our customer service representatives at (877) 875-6080.  In order to not be charged any future reoccurring cost, please give sufficient time – at least two business days – to be cancelled out of any reoccurring billing system before the next scheduled charge to your account (this does not apply during any trial period). By not canceling trial programs, you, the buyer, authorizes charges for the continued service until your request to cancel has been received by our customer service department. Through not cancelling, you also agree that these reoccurring charges billed to you will be non-refundable.  By purchasing this product, you will be given access to digital material outlined in the member’s area. No physical product will be sent to your home or business address.


**Let’s go over the affiliate website real quick. News Daily or newsname7 is not a real news site. The links at the top of the page – |Home|US|World|Finance| ect… only direct you to 1 place, the Direct Commerce Academy site. Also, at the bottom of the page in the comments section, there are glorious comments from visitors raving about this system, but as with the other affiliate sites the comment section is now closed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, the comment form on this article is tempoarily closed at this time.

The comments are closed so REAL PEOPLE who have been taken by this can’t complain and warn others away from this scam. Here is a snap shot of the site below. The link is above if you want to check it out yourself.

**The Terms and Conditions (below) from this affiliate site Vary Greatly from the Terms and Conditions of the landing site where an idividual would sign up. Nothing about the one time activation fee of $139.95 is mentioned on the affiliate site pictured above. And the monthly fee is $59,95 on the affiliate site. On the Direct Commerce Academy site it states that the price is acually $39.95 a month. So which is it? It doesn’t matter since this is a scam. Put away your money folks.

Income Academy kit: When you enroll in our membership program, we will charge the card the card you provide the kit fee. Then, on the fifth business day, we will charge the same card you provided your $59.95 monthly acces fee. Then, beginning about thirty-five days after we charge the Membership Fee to your card and every thirty (30) days thereafter for as long as you choose to remain in the Program. You can cancel your membership and avoid further Monthly Charges by contacting customer service. We reserve the right to lower the Monthly Charge without notice to you; however, we will not increase the Membership Fee or Monthly Charge without notifying you of the change and giving you an opportunity to cancel. To cancel and avoid further charges, call our customer service line toll free at 888-284-3370. Live customer service agents are available (MOnday – Friday 9:00AM – 6:00 PM MST).


To Remove Charges:

With the last Online Goldrush Scam many of the phone numbers used for contacting the company and canceling ceased to exist. The addresses where proven to be faulty and the charges proved to be coming from overseas.

You will need to call your CC or DC company.  If purchasing with a Debit Card you may need to cancel your card. Many CC companies are happy to work with you to resolve this, but many are reluctant. Since you pre-authorized these charges when signing up, there may be little you can do to dispute them. (This is true on anything you may sign up to, ie: white teeth, colon cleaning ect…)

Financial institutions pissed at the government for making them have to find other ways to get money out of you are making disputing charges more difficult and costly. Most of these unsavory financial institutions are making you responsible for the first $50 because when giving out your information online you have actually AUTHORIZED these and any other future charges.

Note to Affiliates: As an affiliate myself I occasionally review the CPA networks that I associated with. I was very disappointed to see that several are promoting the Google Work at Home Scam.  As afiliates we have the choice of what product we wish to promote. A good affiliate, no make that a GREAT affiliate promotes only products that they have purchased and used themselves and know for a fact that it works. A good affiliate may pick proven and tested systems with or without purchase recommended by marketers that they trust. I have been both a good affiliate and a great affiliate.

Alot of people are getting ripped off with these so called Work At Home Goldrush scam sites. They are spending countless amounts of time disputing and clearing up these extra charges. Please use your common sense when picking products to promote. Judge a product by it’s reputation, not your pocketbook.


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