Monthly Archives: December 2011

Blog Spam? hehehe

Several years ago I was having a problem with blog spam. I had just starting really using WP after years of designing my own sites, and wasn’t very wise to the spamming techniques. I even wrote a post about it to help out other newbies like me. There is one fact about blog spam that anyone with a blog finds out soon enough:

If you have a WP blog you are going to get spammed.

There are even spam tools out there that spammers can use to automatically spam your blog! I’m not kidding. These are auto spam bots. Having  a comment form in place that uses CAPTCHA will help discourage the amount of spam you get on your site, especially from the auto spam bots, but it won’t eliminate it all together. Where there is a will, there is always a way, especially for a spammer.