Blog Spam? hehehe

Several years ago I was having a problem with blog spam. I had just starting really using WP after years of designing my own sites, and wasn’t very wise to the spamming techniques. I even wrote a post about it to help out other newbies like me. There is one fact about blog spam that anyone with a blog finds out soon enough:

If you have a WP blog you are going to get spammed.

There are even spam tools out there that spammers can use to automatically spam your blog! I’m not kidding. These are auto spam bots. Having  a comment form in place that uses CAPTCHA will help discourage the amount of spam you get on your site, especially from the auto spam bots, but it won’t eliminate it all together. Where there is a will, there is always a way, especially for a spammer.

Many unsavory spammers use the comment section of a keyword related blog to increase the amount of back links to their sites. Back links help a site with search engine ranking. The more you have the higher your site seems to the search engines, mostly Google. Every marketer wants to get high on Googles search engine. There are other se out there spammers! I’ve seen some links that linked back to sites that were set up as redirects to places like Amazon or an affiliate site.

The thing about spammers:

Spammers don’t care about you or anything you have to say.

Spammers are only using your blog as a means to get a back link.

Spammers don’t even TRY to read your information and leave a ‘related’ message.

Spammers are annoying.

Spammers don’t even try to add value to your post.


I was on the Warriors Forum a few weeks ago, maybe longer when I read a thread about comment and backlink spam. One poor guy was experiencing what I had several years ago with overzealous comment spammers. There was this one reply that just hit home with me… it was brilliant. I had never thought about doing that. It was fantastic!! So, I put it into action almost immediately.

I can’t help but giggle uncontrollably when I do this…

As an affiliate marketer I have many many niche sites online. And as of the last several years I have been using WP as a simple means to set up these sites. So of course I have lots of blog spam.

I can’t help getting so annoyed at some of the crap people pull… so I adopted this strategy and this is now my way of dealing with the unethical spammers that could care less about my products or sites. Hey, they are using me for their own means… so now it’s payback. It doesn’t take that long to implement. But you must set your WP site “Before a comment appears” to ‘admin must approve all’ under the settings/Discussion tab.

Make sure the ‘Comment author must have a prevously…” is unchecked.

If you don’t anything that the spammer comments on will be automatically approved… and we don’t want that! Well, not until we modify the comment.

Modify…. hehehe

Here is what I do now, (when I have time) thanks to that brilliant idea…. hehehe

I’ll leave the name of the spammer intact. I have no bones or embarrassment on what I do so I don’t really care if they don’t like it. I don’t like spam, so it  evens itself out….

I will change his/her/its comment just a bit or completely rewrite it, (which is often the case) so it is more related to the product or post . Then hehehe I will change the link so it redirects back to one of my niche sites or even an affiliate product. hehehehe I have linked directly to Amazon too with my affiliate link. hehe

Let’s put spammers in their place and take action!! hehehehe

So spammers seriously!! Leave at least a better comment, show me you’ve actually READ the post and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you post your own link. hahaha

Of course I could use the free WP Bad Behavior plug-in – “Bad Behavior prevents spammers from ever delivering their junk, and in many cases, from ever reading your site in the first place.” and get more done during the day….

But, maybe another day…

Nucleus CMS has a list of plug-ins that deal with comment and backlink spam for your blog.


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