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Revealed! Moslem Plan for Implementing Sharia Law in Europe and America

Talk about “war on women”, sharia law is the grand daddy of it! Sharia law oppresses women, destroys liberty, and must be banned… period. There is something extremely unnerving about Moslems enforcing their “Sharia law” in democratic countries.



Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs, flogging and other forms of cruel and unusual punishments even for crimes of sin such as adultery. Sharia Law is in direct contrast to the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

Sharia Law is an extreme threat to the way of life that we hold dear in America.

Blog Spam? hehehe

Several years ago I was having a problem with blog spam. I had just starting really using WP after years of designing my own sites, and wasn’t very wise to the spamming techniques. I even wrote a post about it to help out other newbies like me. There is one fact about blog spam that anyone with a blog finds out soon enough:

If you have a WP blog you are going to get spammed.

There are even spam tools out there that spammers can use to automatically spam your blog! I’m not kidding. These are auto spam bots. Having  a comment form in place that uses CAPTCHA will help discourage the amount of spam you get on your site, especially from the auto spam bots, but it won’t eliminate it all together. Where there is a will, there is always a way, especially for a spammer.

Work At Home Mom Scam Hits Facebook

I wish affiliates would look into these so called get rich overnight CPA offers a little closer. This morning after logging onto FaceBook I found a link to one of these Work At Home Scams – Mom Makes $8,795 Month Part-Time.  I knew what it was the moment I saw the spam comment.  I looked for the person who had posted the ‘comment’ but couldn’t find it again. If someone can find this information please let me know.

This is the same sort of Work At Home Google Scam that hit the online advertising space last year. 

Blog Post May 25th 2009 Is Working Online At Home A Goldrush Scam?

Here is the link to the newest fake news site advertised by a facebook user, you will have to copy and paste since I am not given this website the courtesy of any link juice.

How to Install a WordPress Blog With cPanel

Installing blogs via cPanel is the quickest simplest way to get your own blog up and going fast. It’s best to use a hosting site like Hostgator that comes with cPanel and Fantastico installed. With Hostgator, you can always instal the latest version of WordPress.

Simple 4 step install:

Log into your cPanel Click on Fantasticos 



Hot Linkers Suck Are Your Links Being HiJacked?

Yes! Hot linkers suck. They copy your links to your download pages, zip files and eBooks and give them away as a courtesy to their visitors. One of my oldest domains had been dedicated to giveaway information and download-able files, software, zip files, eBooks and the like for many years now. And it has been a hot bed for hot linking thieves.

Hot linking is when a domain owner offers free or paid products but doesn’t host the aucual files themselves. To save web space or time and energy they link directly to your download page or directly to the zip files on your site. It saves them a purchase and makes them look cool to be offering all these free downloads.

There are others out there that like to share your download page or zip files with their buddies. There are special forums and member sites online created  just to share and pass links to other peoples products, especially paid products. They share log-ins and passwords also.

The Value of Anchor Text

clickclickSEO and traffic building are some of the most important concepts of creating a good website today. Anyone serious about improving search engine rankings should focus on anchor text they are using while building links back to the website. Anchor text is the keyword phrase you use when linking from some other site to yours, and gives the reader a description about the link destination.


Or simply put, it is the hyperlinked text that is visible to your readers.

Let’s say I wanted to link to Free Spongebob Videos (a site I put up for my grandkids)

I could use – Free Songebob Videos click here 

Or I could use… I created a free video site for my grandkids so that they could watch spongebob anytime they wanted to. When you hover over the click here link what do you see? And when you hover over the link “I created a free video site for my grandkids”   what do you see?

  This is the value of using anchor text, the hyperlinked text that is visible to your readers.